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Existing Structures, Sea Level Rise, and the Mystical World of California Coastal Law “A Very Brief History” (Short Working Paper Series – First Article in a Four Part Series)


There is very little doubt that California has some of the most spectacular coastal landscapes, and picturesque communities in the world. This coastal zone is rich in natural resources and historical settlements, towns, and cities; coexisting for decades, and in some cases for centuries. In 1972, then again in 1976, by and through the same drafter of the Coastal Act, in an effort to manage growth, “existing structures” on and along the coastline were given a simple, expectant, and extraordinary right to protection from deterioration and devastation from whatever source, including the movement inland of the Pacific Ocean. This right to protect one’s home is also embedded deeply in the California Constitution. Yet today, these defenses and safe guards, in particular as applied to residences, are vanishing along with the sands on the beach. But, why? How? Who or what caused this shift to occur?


G10 Law Participates in Smart Coast California’s Inaugural Policy Summit, “One California, One Coast”

G10 Law’s Land Use attorneys Louis Galuppo and Elysian Kurnik were recent participants in the “One California, One Coast” Policy Summit hosted by Smart Coast California. The first of its kind summit brought together experts in the fields of law, economics, government, planning policy, and engineering to discuss policy ideas and solutions to address Sea Level Rise and its impact on our California coastal communities. 


California’s Density Bonus Law Continues to Provide Great Incentives to Developers for Inclusion of Affordable Housing Units in Their Projects

For over 40 years, developers choosing to include affordable housing have been able to design projects that do not necessarily conform with local development standards. Such projects qualify for incentives such as density bonuses, and waivers and reductions of standards so long as they meet the requirements under California’s Density Bonus Law. But how far can a project stray from those local standards?


Use It or Lose It - The Importance of Timely Assertion of Property Rights


How long is too long to wait to assert your real property rights? The Fifth District Court of Appeals recently weighed in on this issue in Johnson v. Little Rock Ranch, LLC, 73 Cal.App.5th 576 (2022) affirming the trial court’s judgment, which ordered a property owner to sell a portion of their property to a trespassing neighbor.


Eviction moratorium can cause as much homelessness as it cures


G10 attorney Daniel Watts describes the effects of the eviction moratorium.


California Coastal Commission, Managed Retreat & the City of Del Mar - Part 2


This is part 2 of a 2 part series on Managed Retreat, originally published in Coast News. Without much public fanfare, the California Coastal Commission began to promulgate a policy of “Managed Retreat”. Unfortunately for those living along the California coast, this policy has become the Commission’s newest gizmo for limiting or taking away homeowners’ rights to protect their homes.


California Coastal Commission, Managed Retreat & the City of Del Mar - Part 1


This is part 1 of a 2-part series on Managed Retreat, originally published in Coast News. The City of Del Mar is “ground zero” and “the tip of the spear” as to the newest set of issues facing owners of homes along the California Coast. Cities and counties along the coast of the State of California are watching how the City reacts to the new reality of “Managed Retreat.”

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