G10 Law Celebrates International Women's Day

G10 Law Celebrates International Women's Day

G10 Law commemorated International Women's Day with a celebratory gathering that highlighted the diversity, equity, and inclusion of powerful women in the workplace. The event, hosted by G10 Law, APLC and Loftin|Bedell, P.C. was a delightful blend of a beautiful poetry reading and a charming tea party, aimed to express appreciation and to celebrate the various achievements of women.

The festivities took place at the G10 Law office in Carlsbad. The atmosphere exhibited camaraderie and elegance, featuring tea sandwiches, scones, and macarons — a perfect high tea to complement the occasion. The heart of the celebration was listening to G10 Law’s own Carole Boyce, known artistically as Eileen Carole, as she performed a selection of her poetry, curated to reflect the spirit of International Women’s Day. Attendees received a beautiful orchid from G10 Law client and Encinitas florist Divine Orchids.

 “This event wasn’t just about celebrating International Women’s Day; it was a declaration of G10 Law’s commitment to fostering an inclusive environment where women’s contributions are not only acknowledged but celebrated, far beyond the boundaries of the legal arena. From Eileen Carole’s incredible poetry reading to the heartfelt conversations, this event showcased the vibrant tapestry of female excellence, reminding us all of the boundless potential when every voice is heard and every woman is empowered.” - Louis Galuppo, G10 Law Managing Shareholder.

A High Tea was served

Beautiful orchids provided by Divine Orchids in Encinitas

Featuring the poetry of G10 Law's Carole Boyce (aka Eileen Carole)

The women of G10 Law: Kathleen, Hope, Shadee, Carole, Melania, Jill, Ivana, and Georgia